Color Tour: Admire Protected Lands!

Color Tour Map 2014

Color Tour :: Leelanau Enterprise, Autumn 2014

We love Leelanau in all its seasons, but there is something particularly magnificent about our peninsula during the peak of autumn color. We admire the hills aflame in golden hues, vistas from the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, wildlife in our peaceful County and State Parks, and pristine Leelanau Conservancy Natural Areas and Preserves.

But as you drive along over winding roads and past scenic farmland, you may not realize that many privately owned lands in our County are also protected and will remain as they are now for generations to come. The Leelanau Conservancy uses many avenues of land protection, such as working with landowners to protect their land with private conservation easements; partnering with county, township, and state organizations; and tapping regional and federal funding for conservation projects.

We welcome you to try a new color tour route this fall—one of our five loops on the map above —and take in the beauty of protected land on our peninsula. Please note: These scenic, sometimes winding, routes are best traveled with at least two people, a driver and a co-pilot.

Loop A :: Center Highway Route (approximately 1.5 hour)

Loop B :: East Leland Route (approximately 1 hour)

Loop C :: Northern Route (approximately 1.5 hour)

Loop D :: Glen Lake Route (approximately 1.5 hour)

Loop E :: Good Harbor Route (approximately 1 hour)


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