Sustainers Circle

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This crucial group of over 600 families pledges a minimum annual gift of $500 to support the operations of The Conservancy, ensuring that the long-term goals of conserving Leelanau’s land and water resources can be met. Knowing that the Sustainer support is there on an annual basis has allowed us to hire bright, passionate, skilled staff that are making huge inroads with willing landowners to preserve our unique peninsula. The promise of their work is great, but the next few years are crucial if we are to protect our agricultural heritage, our sweeping, as-yet undeveloped landscapes, our vast, green forests.

To learn more about becoming a Sustainer, and about the exclusive activities held just for this very special group of contributors, e-mail Carolyn Faught, Senior Writer and Donor Loyalty Specialist, [email protected] or call Carolyn at  231-256-9665.

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