Martha Teichner Visits Teichner Preserve

The Raymonds and Martha Teichner: Preserving Family Heritage Together

From our 2006 Summer Newsletter

Lime Lake was the setting for a celebration last month. CBS newswoman Martha Teichner came to Leelanau to visit the expanded Teichner Preserve – the lands of her childhood home and a place that she has helped to preserve.

We began the day at the Lime Lake home of Mona and Marshall Meyer who had generously offered to take Martha out on their pontoon boat to view the Teichner Preserve shoreline. Next, we headed to the property for an amazing, celebratory hike through a very special place. Martha beamed as we walked through woods filled with wildflowers and her childhood memories. A great variety of birds sang out, as if to welcome her home.

Also in attendance were co-guests of honor, Jean Raymond, wife of the late Glenn T. Raymond, and her son Eric and daughter-in-law Cindy. The Raymonds recently gave the Conservancy nearly 8 acres between the original lands of the 20-acre Teichner Preserve and the new 12-acre acquisition. On the day of the visit, the group stood around chatting and when Martha made a comment about how fate had brought about the preservation of this property, Jean spoke up. “It wasn’t fate—it was love,” Jean insisted. “Love can do great things. It was the love between Martha’s mom and dad and their love for Martha and for Lime Lake that made this place very special to her. Martha’s motive is love of this land, and if we had one motive, it is our love of this land too. It’s what Glenn would have wanted, because he loved it too, and we’re thrilled we could help!”

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