Marsha Buehler - The Leelanau Conservancy

Marsha Buehler - Docent Emeritus

Like many who are in love with the Leelanau, ever since I was a small child I have always been happiest here. I have enjoyed being a docent and over the years I have acquired a fair knowledge of our area. Much of my training as a naturalist has been through the Docent Program. I have a decent knowledge of wildflowers and native plants, and am fascinated by the lore and history of our natural areas. I most often take groups to Kehl, Whaleback, and Houdek Dunes, and especially enjoy the energy of school groups. My hikes are often pretty leisurely, as there is always something worthy of discussion, a story to hear, a log to look under. I learn something new on every hike and have found participants’ willingness to share their knowledge and expertise to be one of the joys of being a docent. Another joy is the opportunity to introduce another, child or adult, to the pleasures of a walk in the woods.