Stewardship: Caring for the Land


As the legal stewards of the lands in our care, we take the phrase “forever protected” very seriously. In seeking to protect fragile and significant elements of Leelanau, we must also plan for their diligent and perpetual care and create opportunities for visitors to hike and enjoy our public lands.

Stewarding Public Land:

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Stewardship of Conservancy natural areas, preserves, and forest reserves includes on-going, regular maintenance like clearing new trails and monitoring invasive species.


DeYoung-Yellow Wheelbarrow


The staff and volunteers who care for our properties and shoreline are invaluable and make our work possible.

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 Stewarding Private Land:

1992 Cathead Point preserved by conservatin easementPrivate Conservation Easements

Most Conservancy-protected land remains in private ownership, in a perpetual Conservation Easement.  Stewardship of these lands means communicating effectively with landowners and monitoring regularly to ensure the conservation values of the property are forever protected.

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Learn more about invasive species, forestry and ecology.

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