What is a Conservation Easement?

A Conservation Easement:

Key Features of Conservation Easements:


Each easement is tailored to reflect the conservation goals of the landowner and of the Conservancy. A conservation easement does not have to restrict all future development. Many property owners reserve the right to build upon or sell a portion of their property in the future.


Conservation easements are given in perpetuity and become a permanent part of the title to the land, regardless of future ownership. They are similar to deed restrictions, however, the Conservancy will always be there to uphold the restrictions.

Financial Benefits

Because a conservation easement conveys the value of development rights to a charitable organization, donors may qualify for a variety of income, property, and estate tax benefits.

The Land Remains in Private Ownership and Stays on the Tax Rolls

Because land remains in private hands under the conservation easement, no right of access is granted. Private landowners continue to control access. The land stays on the tax rolls.

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