Biodiversity Hike at Clay Cliffs - The Leelanau Conservancy


Biodiversity Hike at Clay Cliffs

Sunday, May 15th | 2:00pm

Clay Cliffs never fails to display an extravaganza of the biodiversity, characteristic of Leelanau County ages ago, and even today in many of the locations under Conservancy protection. Join docents Ann McInnis and Shelley Yeager in becoming emerged in Clay Cliff’s splendor while discovering interesting tidbits about the variety of high-quality native species of wildlife  for whom this is a critical habitat. We will observe birds migrating to breeding areas, insects pollinating wildflowers, trees sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, fungi recycling nutrients into the soil, animals of all types enriching the whole system…..these  are only a few of the natural features we may  experience while hiking to the lookout deck for a stunning view of Lake Michigan. From the return trail we will view an awesome vista of Lake Leelanau, a field transitioning to a forest, remnants of an early homestead and pine plantation. What a fantastic way to experience biodiversity at its best!

Photo by Beth Chiles