Cedar River Preserve Hunting Rules - The Leelanau Conservancy

Cedar River Preserve Hunting Rules

  • Limited trapping is allowed only within Unit 2 of the Cedar River Preserve (see map). Permitted trapping only includes the use of Live Restraining Cage Traps and Dryland Body-Gripping Traps no greater than 6.5 inches inside the jaw hinges. The following species are permitted for trapping: badger, beaver, fisher and marten, muskrat and mink, otter, raccoon. All other equipment and species not listed are not permitted for trapping. Trapping will be managed to follow the additional regulations included in the Leelanau Conservancy Natural Areas Hunting Policy and Permit, which are above and beyond the Michigan DNR Hunting and Trapping Guide. Permitted trapping must follow the Michigan DNR guidelines which will allow for consistency with trapping guidelines in the surrounding Pere Marquette State Forest. Trapping is not permitted on the rest of the Cedar River Preserve parcels.
  • Hunting duck and merganser in the Cedar River Preserve may occur only by boat and not from the shorelines of Victoria Creek, Cedar River, Lake Leelanau, and the unnamed lakes within the property. MDNR Regulations state that hunting and trapping are exclusive rights of landowners bordering the waterway and their invited guests. Float hunters need permission to enter lands protected by the Recreational Trespass Act.