DeYoung Natural Area: Before and After the Farm - The Leelanau Conservancy


DeYoung Natural Area: Before and After the Farm

Saturday, July 13th | 9:00am

For over a century, the DeYoung Natural Area was a successful and innovative family farm, and reminders of that era remain visible on the landscape. But like every Leelanau Conservancy site, DeYoung has a longer past and an emerging future. On this hike, we will think about how the site has changed over time, from the era before European settlement and development, through the DeYoung family’s time on the farm, and now to the Conservancy’s stewardship efforts.

This hike will be gentle, about two miles in length, with a few gradual uphill sections, ending with a stroll on the boardwalk down to Cedar Lake. It’s wise to wear long trousers and sensible shoes, and maybe bring binoculars to see the birds that are still around. The focus, though, will be the topography of the landscape, so bring your imagination as well. Led by Docents Greg Nobles, Bert Thomas and Beth Chiles.