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Sunrises & Sunsets … for Infinity! (October 2013)

Submitted on 10/27/13

What’s one of the advantages of living on a peninsula? We get to see both sunrises AND sunsets! In our latest “Why Leelanau?” video installment, we share some of the many spectacular photos of both that you’ve sent us over the years. enjoy!

One response to “Sunrises & Sunsets … for Infinity! (October 2013)”

  1. Jennifer Reid says:

    Thanks for the inspirational iMovie. It certainly had a healing effect on me today after a long, stressful day at work. Remember the old Calgone commercial? “Calgone, take me away!” a woman cries while soaking in her bathtub filled with Calgone. Now I’m saying, “Leelanau, take me away!” Thanks, again. Very well done.

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