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Springtime at the Beach

Submitted by Michael Collier on 4/5/14

“The first day of spring, the smell of the air, robins chirping, flowers breaking through the recently thawed topsoil, insects coming to life, the warm sun; and it feels so good to walk on soft soil wearing a spring jacket after the snow has melted, without the worry of slipping on icy covered ground. Well, no, not exactly!!

“Lake Michigan ice still stretching about eight miles from shore. Recently some locals hiked from Pyramid Point to South Manitou Island, a distance of 8 miles in one direction and back. This is the first time in about 40 years that conditions allowed one to do this walk from the mainland to the Manitou Islands.

“It has been and absolutely amazing winter, like none I’ve experienced before. I may never experience a winter like this in Michigan again, and one may be enough. An expression of God’s power in nature that man can only observe in wonder and appreciation.” ~ photo submitted by Michael Collier

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