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Sand Hill Cranes in Cedar River

Submitted by Steve Elmer on 8/4/09

I launched my little boat in Cedar the other day and ran the electric motor about a half-mile down Victoria Creek before we had to get going out to the main lake. Really nice in there …. anyhow there is a pair of nesting cranes on the left as you are going downstream. I could still hear someone playing softball behind me so I wasn’t too far from the launch one-quarter mile or so. Pretty cool birds. I did get a picture or two but they are mixed in the cattails but the head is clearly visible. We have a poor camera that we keep in the boats – it is good for still shots of fish but not so good for zooming in on anything. We had no idea what they were this HUGE. We figured Heron family. Came back to the in-laws house in Leelanau and looked them up on the net – then the next day the article about them ran in the Enterprise.

—  Steve Elmer, Midland, MI

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