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Respecting Mother Nature

Submitted by Michael Collier on 9/16/16

This was my first hike on the Alligator Hill trail earlier this summer, after it was cleared of fallen trees from the storm last summer where thousands of trees were lost. Fortuitously though, the Lake Michigan lookout has maintained its beauty, contrasting the “beauty” of antithetical sides of nature, both giving one a sense of awe knowing there is or are forces man can not control, ever, and the storm itself had a certain powerful elegance reminding us of this.

I was at the Cranbrook Science museum this summer where I was reminded that Ice Ages are cyclic; there have been five since creation. We are still in the last ‘ice age’ in an interglacial period (there have been about 20) and can expect another glacial period in about 50,000 years.

One can just imagine, at that future time, this same area on Alligator Hill covered by a great glacier, similar to the one 17,000 years ago and wonder if anyone will be around to contemplate climate change then.

Anyway, reality beckons and there is a ‘Pokemon’ staring at me from the next room. I must capture it!!

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