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Remembering Hilbert and Antoinette Wiedenkeller and Cedar Haven

Submitted by Eric Dolson on 11/26/13

DSC04465Remembering Hilbert and Antoinette Wiedenkeller and Cedar Haven

Every year the Dolson family bands together at the Holidays, and instead of exchanging gifts, they make a family donation to a non-profit they care about.  This year they have chosen the Leelanau Conservancy and to make the donation in memory of their maternal grandparents, Hilbert & Antoinette Wiedenkeller.  “Lake Leelanau and Cedar Haven were very special to our grandparents, and to everyone who has spent time there,” Eric Dolson writes.  Eric is heading up this year’s family donation.           

“Having our group donation go to the Lake Leelanau Watershed Initiative Fund is a great way to honor our grandparents.  We owe much gratitude to them for opening our eyes to this truly magical place on this big blue ball, and for bringing our family closer together, if only for one week a year.  The memorial donation will also serve as a way to protect & preserve the natural resources that feed the lake for many generations to come.  As Cedar Haven sits on an area of the watershed, our group donation will also have a direct impact on our special summer getaway.”

This family photo is from the summer of 1976. “I’m not sure if this was taken at Sugar Loaf Resort or the Leland Lodge.  We had Sunday morning brunch at various places throughout the county over the years, and Grandpa & Grandma Wiedenkeller always took care of the bill.” writes Eric. The brunch tradition continues, but usually in the form of a potluck at Cedar Haven. “Not everyone makes the trip to Cedar Haven every year, but the group can get pretty huge sometimes.” 

Thank you to Eric and his family for your thoughtful giving!

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