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Autumn Paradise

Submitted by Claudia Lockhart on 10/29/12

Columbus Day weekend is one of my FAVORITE times to shoot photographs on the Leelanau Peninsula.  The trees are usually wearing their party clothes of glorious colors…the clouds, breezes and weather change almost moment by moment…turn away and you’ll miss a rainbow, a sun-shower, fat wild clouds!  And the salmon are ALWAYS spawning!!  I make a point to visit historic Fishtown in Leland to see the salmon swimming below the dock and then trying to head back upstream by jumping the dam (that never works).  It was tough to fit in Leelanau photography while juggling a wedding, but I managed to shoot a few fun pics NOT related to the bride and groom.  (But what a gorgeous setting for a wedding!) I LOVE the Leelanau Peninsula!!!! ~ photo and commentary submitted by Claudia Lockhart

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