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A Morel Motherlode!

Submitted by Leif Sporck on 5/29/11

I guided a Morel Mushroom hunt today with a group of people, one of whom won my morel mushroom hunting skills from an auction item that was offered at the 2009 Leelanau Conservancy Annual Auction. The hunt was supposed to take place in 2010, but we had to postpone the hunt due to a schedule conflict. The hunt was rescheduled for today (May 28) and we found morels. It was a great time!

~ Leif Spørck, Lake Leelanau MI

(Ed note: We pulled this from the Leelanau Conservancy’s Facebook page to add here, because we’ve never seen so many morel mushrooms at once! This is yet another fun item you can bid on at the annual Conservancy picnic and auction.)

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