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Recent Photos

Our “Why Leelanau?” blog was launched in our 20th anniversary year as a place to share favorite photos and reflections on why you love the Leelanau peninsula. Below find the most recent ¬†submissions. Click on an individual photo to enlarge and scroll through the photos in chronological order. The Why Leelanau Archives box to the right will allow you to search the photos by category or location. You can also enter a keyword or phrase (such as “trillium” or “snowy owl”) into the Search for Photos box to refine your search. Happy browsing!

Submit a photograph or Love Letter to Why Leelanau? by emailing it to Carolyn Faught at [email protected]

Please note: By submitting images/love letter to Why Leelanau you have granted the Leelanau Conservancy the right to share and use them for any or all print and online media platforms. Please understand that our use is solely to support our mission to conserve the land, water and scenic character of Leelanau County. We will make every attempt to credit photographers in these mediums where possible. We will not give others the right to use your images without seeking permission and you retain the copyright.


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Recent Videos

Here are the two most recent “Why Leelanau?” videos. Be sure to click the bracketed box in the lower right hand corner of the video player to view the video in its full-screen glory! And for even more video interludes, click the “View more videos” button.

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