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Currently we sample for Total Phosphorus (TP) and flow or discharge on each of the streams. Flow is measured using a Gurley Flow meter and the results are shown in cubic feet per second of cfs.

Phosphorus is often the limiting nutrient for plant growth, meaning it is in short supply relative to nitrogen. Testing for total phosphorous (both inorganic and organic phosphate) provides you with a more complete measure of all the phosphorus that is actually in the water.

Total Phosphorus (TP) Loads or nutrient loads refers to the total amount of phosphorus entering the water during a given time, such as “pounds (lbs) of phosphorus per year.” Nutrients may enter the water from runoff, groundwater, or the air (in the form of wet deposition such as rain or snow as well as dry deposition). The stream load is calculated by multiplying the Total Phosphorus (TP) value times the Flow value (discharge) times the “flow factor” for streams for one day. The flow factor is 0.0053953. To get the average daily load the number is multiplied by the number of days in the year to get the load for the year.