Water Quality Database

Water quality data has been collected over the last 25+ years on the major lakes, tributaries and outfalls by dedicated volunteers and Leelanau Conservancy staff. A Microsoft Access database was created 2008 to allow easy storage and retrieval of these data and to provide convenient summaries of the data in the form of tables and graphs. The database has been used to create reports available to anyone via this website. Please use the interactive map or pull down menu to access a report and/or excel spreadsheet with the raw data. Below is a link to the how to interpret the Excel spreadsheet headings as they are not all self explanatory.

click here for How to interpret the Excel spreadsheet headings for STREAMS

The spreadsheet for How to interpret the Excel spreadsheet headings for LAKES is coming soon…stay tuned!

If you are a lake association, Leelanau county resident, student or anyone interested in data, and you would prefer a copy of the data base mailed to you or to learn more, please call the office and talk to Yarrow.

For information about the lake sampling program or the stream sampling program, please visit the links below:

Below are links to the raw excel data for ALL lakes and ALL streams from 1990-2015

All Lake Laboratory Data 1990-2015

All Lake Hydrolab Data 1990-2015

All Lake Secchi Data 1998-2015

All streams Temperature data 1990-2015*

All streams flow (discharge) data 1990-2015*

*(note there may be some missing years as we rotated sampling some streams every other year for a  period from 2006-2010)

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