Snowplow & Palmer Woods Grooming Updates

The following Natural Areas and Preserves are snowplowed on a regular basis. Some of these areas are plowed by staff with our truck, some by volunteers (thank you!). DeYoung Natural Area is plowed regularly by a local service. Not all natural area parking lots are plowed–in some cases you will need to park along the shoulder of the road (see list below.) If you have a plow and are willing to volunteer, please contact Emily Douglas, [email protected]

Natural Area                                                        Plowed by                                                 

DeYoung Natural Area                                           Service

Palmer Woods Forest Reserve                              Service

Whaleback Natural Area                                        Staff

Swanson Preserve                                                 Staff

Clay Cliffs Natural Area                                       Volunteer

Houdek Dunes                                                    Volunteer

Note:   We do not plow the Chippewa Run Natural Area parking area along M-22 and recommend that you park on Fisher Street near the recycling bins. From M-22, turn onto LaCore street as if heading toward the Empire Museum. Then turn right on Fisher Street and follow signs to recycling bins.

The following Natural Areas and Preserves are NOT plowed but you can park along the shoulder of the road. Kehl Lake Natural Area, Finton Natural Area, Hatlem Creek Preserve, Jeff Lamont Preserve, Krumwiede Forest Reserve, Lighthouse West Natural Area, Teichner Preserve.

Palmer Woods Forest Reserve Trail Grooming

Thanks to Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes who groom this trail. Click here for all of their updates:

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