Sharing Photos and Videos

Why do we love the Leelanau peninsula? For the good times with family and friends, for its restorative powers, and because we work here, play here, and build lasting memories here.

And how do we share that love? Increasingly, through the memories we capture in photos and videos. The Leelanau Conservancy has captured and shares photos and videos as well – from the photos that you send to our “Why Leelanau?” photo blog, from our events and activities, and in showcasing our Natural Areas.

Please note: By submitting images to Why Leelanau you have granted the Leelanau Conservancy the right to share and use them for any or all print and online media platforms. Please understand that our use is solely to support our mission to conserve the land, water and scenic character of Leelanau County. We will make every attempt to credit photographers in these mediums where possible. We will not give others the right to use your images without seeking permission and you retain the copyright.

Here we’ve collected the links to all of the videos and photos we’ve shared. Click on the links below to view:

Our “Why Leelanau?” Photo Blog page

Our “Why Leelanau?” Video page

Our YouTube Channel

And visit the other pages nested below this page for other videos as well. Happy viewing!