Holly Pharmer

[email protected]

Raised in Chicago (the city of parks, forest preserves and numbered dams) and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, my parents and grandparents instilled in me the wonder of nature at ground level, looking up, and underwater, as well as the responsibility to tread lightly, learn & explore, and protect our environment. A BS and an RN in New York convinced me we live in a mystical realm ( a view through a microscope mimics an aerial view of the earth) and 35 years coming to the sacred cathedral of Leelanau has landed me in the company of the visionary Leelanau Conservancy activists and scientists, devoted to sharing and conserving the magic. All visitors and residents owe so much to this determined group.You will find me bringing up the rear on some hikes as I am always searching for the Theory Of Everything (the elusive T.O.E.) and get very distracted. Plus I just love trees.