Know Before You Go


Natural Areas Guide

Be a Good Steward

Please help us protect the plants, animals and the habitats that sustain them by staying on the trail, respecting property limits and by carrying out your trash. Fires, camping, motorized, vehicles, bicycles, horses, unleashed pets and the removal or destruction of land, water, plants or animals are prohibited.

Practice Minimum-Impact Techniques

Leave It As You Find It: Picking flowers, collecting rocks or taking cultural items means others cannot enjoy them later.  Brushing off boots before and after entering minimizes the spread of invasive species. The less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have!


Stick to Trails: Stay on the marked trail to protect wildlife and their homes. Short-cuts cause erosion.  Be ready to get muddy and step right through puddles. Boots dry overnight; plants take years to recover. Expect to meet other visitors and share the path in passing.


Manage Your Dog: Keeping your dog on a leash and in control keeps people, other dogs, and wildlife safe. Pack a pick-up bag and always remove your dog’s waste. Our Docents prefer that you leave dogs at home during Docent-led hikes, but feel free to bring them any other time on their leash.


Trash Your Trash: Please carry out all trash, both yours and others. Even “biodegradable” materials like apple cores and food scraps can take years to break down and harm native wildlife.


Protect Private Property: Respect “no trespassing” signs. If property boundaries are unclear, do not enter the area.


Keep Wildlife Wild: Natural areas are home to wildlife. As a visitor, please respect wildlife by observing them from a distance. Do not feed them.



Hunting is allowed at only on select natural areas, and with Conservancy permit only! Please click here for more information.

Hunting on Select Conservancy Owned Natural Areas: Limited hunting is allowed on only a few Conservancy owned Natural Areas- primarily in the fall. Please use caution when hiking during hunting season and wear orange! For a list of properties and direction on how to request a permit to hunting permit that is valid for only 1 year, click here.

Snow Plow Info and Grooming at Palmer Woods–click here