The Leelanau Forever Campaign has enabled the Conservancy to preserve many of the most important areas on the peninsula—places just like the Swanson Preserve and the Clay Cliffs Natural Area, as well as the family farms and wildlife corridors that keep our unique Leelanau mosaic intact and healthy. The Campaign also helped ensure the Conservancy’s perpetual ability to steward, monitor, and defend the land in its care. Together we can truly shape the future of our special peninsula so that the place you know and love today will look and feel the same tomorrow and for generations to come.


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  • We want to be able to hand the farm over to the kids after we’re gone and now we’ll be able  to do that. They know our wishes are that it always be a farm. Now, no matter what happens, it always will be.

    Mike & Jeanette Egeler, Northport, MI

  • I love Leelanau for its unspoiled beauty, peace, and tranquility. It’s a great place to share with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Foremost I like the way people here are so friendly.

    Bayard Lawes, Lake Leelanau, MI

  • This is why I support the Conservancy. For me, the Leelanau Peninsula is about family, about respite from the telephone and computer, about my childhood memories and making the same for my grandchildren.

    Anne Slater, Ardmore, PA

Stewardship & Endowment

Ensuring our long term vitality and ability to uphold our conservation obligations.

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Natural Lands & Farmland

Protecting Leelanau’s natural landscapes and farming heritage.

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Community Matching Challenge

Double the Power of Your Gift with the Community Matching Challenge!

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