Watershed Planning


The Conservancy has partnered with Lake Associations and other organizations to help write watershed protection plans for the major watersheds in Leelanau County. These plans are a guide for watershed residents to help maintain and improve the health of their watershed. They are written to meet both the state (Department of Environmental Quality or DEQ) and Federal (Environmental Protection Agency) criteria in order to be eligible for various grants and funding resources related to water quality and watershed protection.

Map of the major watersheds in Leelanau County

Both the Glen Lake Watershed, the Lake Leelanau Watershed and the West Grand Traverse Bay Watershed have approved watershed plans. The Conservancy has been a successful partner with these plans by protecting important upland recharge areas, wetlands and lake/stream frontage using Clean Michigan Initiative (CMI) funding.  These watershed plans outline best management practices to help maintain watershed health and have been used as a guide for lake associations and residents. The Glen Lake Association has been successful in obtaining CMI funds for their water quality monitoring program.

Click here to download a chart summarizing land protection efforts to date by the Leelanau Conservancy by watershed.  We have worked with both private landowners on private conservation easement project s, purchase land that is open to the public as well as what we refer to as transfer and assist projects. This is where we have partnered with another organization on the project but do not own or hold a conservation easement on the property.

Links to approved Watershed Plans in Leelanau County

In Summer of 2016 the GHB plan was approved by the EPA. Now we have all five major watershed with approved state and federal plans!

Below are links to the state approved GHB Watershed Protection Plan. .  This is a large plan so it is broken up into three parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Good Harbor Bay Watershed Boundary Map

Lake Associations

Lake Leelanau Association:  http://http://www.lakeleelanau.org

Glen Lake Association: http://http://glenlakeassociation.org

Lime Lake Association: http://www.limelake.org/

Little Traverse Lake Property Owners Association (LTPOA): http://www.littletraverselake.org

Cedar Lake Association (no website)


Leelanau Clean Water:  Mission Statement: To restore, protect and sustain water resources, promote public awareness of environmental and economic importance, and provide accurate information to assist public participation in water resource decisions.