Stream Sampling Program

The stream sampling program started in 1990 by dedicated volunteers such as Walt Neilson, Fred Neidhart and Wayne Swallow leading teams and sampling over 30 streams including major tributaries to the major lakes in Leelanau County.  Over the past few years the stream sampling list has been reduced to approximately 16 sites, which include the major tributaries to inland lakes and Lake Michigan. Many of these streams are sampled on a 2-year rotating basis. This is mostly due to our limited stream sampling budget and the number of volunteers available to sample.

The historic stream measurements include Flow, Total Phosphorus, Ammonia, Nitrate, and Total Kleldahl Nitrogen.   Stream sampling data collected today includes flow (discharge), Total Phosphorus, and temperature. Qualitative data such as weather and other observations in the field is also recorded. All of the data is analyzed using the Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC).

Click here to view the reports for the stream sampling program!

Below is a link to a the list of the stream sampling program for 2014 to 2016: (note some sites are subject to change)

Stream Sampling Schedule 2014-2016

Stream Sampling Map

If you are interested in volunteering to monitor our streams please contact Yarrow Brown at the Conservancy. We sample from Spring to Fall and will start training any new sampling teams in April.
Please call the office if you are interested in learning more and/or read the short article linked below.

Water Monitors Go With the Flow (June, 2016)