We cannot protect land without the help of volunteers who increase our capacity to care for and manage our natural areas. Want to get in on the action? We seek volunteers for the following positions.

Stewardship Worker

Makes a small-level (approximately 2 hours) commitment to help out at two work bees per year.

Work Bee Crew Leader

Makes a medium-level commitment to lead a minimum of two work bee events per year. Leaders will spearhead group work during a two to three-hour work bee doing activities that may include: build trails, build benches, boardwalks, resurface wooden signs, repair boardwalk, remove invasive species through mechanical or chemical treatments, plant native tree seedlings, mulch and weed whip, plant native wildflowers and pick up trash and debris.

Trail Stewards

Takes an advanced-level commitment to monitor their chosen natural area or preserve a minimum of three times annually. Also commits to turn in timely reports and perform necessary maintenance. We have openings for a limited number of preserves. Tasks may include: clear branches or fallen trees, remark trails with painted blazes, repair boardwalk, recognize natural and invasive species, serve as crew leader for scheduled improvements and alert Conservancy of any perceived problems/violations.

Coastal Dunes Rapid Assessment and Removal Monitor

Makes an advanced-level commitment to monitor a section of Leelanau County’s coastal dunes at least twice annually. This person will, in effect, adopt a road-end or section of Great Lakes shoreline. They will monitor the site in the spring with a GPS and record the location and size of any coastal invasive species, especially lyme grass, baby’s breath, garlic mustard and phragmites, reporting the GPS data and performing appropriate removal of small patches.

If you are interested in assuming any of the above roles, please contact Stewardship Director Jenee Rowe: 256-9665 or [email protected] We look forward to providing volunteers with training, guidance, and tools they will need to have a rewarding experience helping to care for and enhance our natural areas and preserves.