Forest Bathing Hike at Whaleback Natural Area - The Leelanau Conservancy


Forest Bathing Hike at Whaleback Natural Area

Sunday, October 16th | 11:00am

While lovely in the spring when plants are in bloom, Whaleback also has a special beauty in the fall. the maples and oaks turn red and purple and the beech and birch turn yellow and golden, contrasting nicely with the evergreen hemlocks and pines. As leaves fall, there is more opportunity to see Lake Michigan as we walk along the ridge. The view from the overlook is worth the climb. Please note that this can be a challenging hike as the first quarter of a mile is uphill and full of tree roots. The trail is much easier on the whale’s back. Join us as we enjoy “forest bathing” among autumn color.

Photo by: Mark Smith