History Comes Alive at DeYoung

Farmhouse, built ca. 1860

Submitted on 5/21/13

This modified “upright and wing” style farmhouse was likely built about 1860 by Henry Campbell who bought an 80-acre parcel in 1855. It is a local icon—a marker—that one has entered Leelanau County from Traverse County. The house is a balloon frame structure with horizontal clapboard and a fieldstone foundation. It had a few additions over time but likely has largely looked this way since about 1900.

The house and farm were owned by three families over 150 years: the Campbell Family, who built the farmhouse and most of the outbuilding, the Kroupas, and the De Youngs prior to its purchase by Leelanau Conservancy. The families altered the house in a number of ways. It may originally have been built as a single room structure with a fieldstone cellar. Later modifications include an upright wing portion added off the front of the original structure. A second story was added to the top of the original single-story wing sometime in the early twentieth century. A new or modified front porch (off the wing) was added around the same time. Later, this modification continued with the addition a concrete deck and stairway that replaced an original wood version. Interior alterations include the addition of a a bay window in the wing section (you can see it from Cherry Bend Road), a 1920s bathroom and kitchen, and the birch floor Louis DeYoung installed himself in the dining room over the original, wider plank flooring.

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