About “Why Leelanau?”

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary back in 2008, we asked everyone who loves Leelanau County to tell us why and to send in a photo that exemplifies what you love about this special peninsula. Since then we have received hundreds of photos that are now posted on this beloved photo blog.

Why do you live or visit here? Why did you decide to raise your kids or own a business here? Why are you passionate about this particular spot on the globe? If you have a photo or other image that goes with your thought about a favorite place, time, memory or landscape, we would greatly appreciate having that, too. Emailed jpgs are best, but you can also snail mail photos, which we will scan, and promise to return.

By sending us this information, you agree that it can be posted on this website and be used in our “Why Leelanau?” video montages. You also agree to allowing us to use these photos in our various publications and we will photo credit where possible. No photos will be sold or used in any commercial endeavors (such as note cards) without additional permissions. We post between 3 and 5 photos every week. Please send highest resolution possible so that your photos may be considered for inclusion in one of our Why Leelanau videos too.

A 25th Anniversary “Why Leelanau?” Twist

This year, to mark 25 years of the Leelanau Conservancy, we’re expanding the blog to include reflections from all of you of your favorite memories and moments of Leelanau Love over the past 25 years. So dig out those old family vacation photos, think back on your favorite times and places, and click on the links below to view the Why Leelanau blog and submit your own memories.

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