Other Ways to Help

Snowplowers Needed!

Do you live near one of our Natural Areas?  Like to snowplow?  We would appreciate help keeping our parking areas plowed out at Whaleback Natural Area (Leland); and the Chippewa Run Natural Area (Empire) Call our office 231-256-9665 or e-mail edouglas@leelanauconservancy.org if you can help.  A special thanks to our past and current snowplow volunteers: Rick Cross and Jim Thomas at Kehl Lake Natural Area (Northport); Warren Watkins, Scott Koeze and Craig Miller at Houdek Dunes (between Leland and Northport) and Clay Cliffs Natural Area; and Gene Meeuwenberg at DeYoung Natural Area on Cedar Lake (near Traverse City).

Mailing Crews

Help stuff envelopes or stick labels on newsletters. We need a group nearly every month to help. It’s a sociable group, and Gayle almost always brings a treat to share.  Call Gayle: 231-256-9665 or e-mail: gayle@leelanauconservancy.org.

Booth Keepers

Our booth is a great way for people who are unfamiliar with the Conservancy to get to know us and for us to find new members.  Many of our members volunteer to man the booth at summer events.  They answer questions, pass out literature and sell Conservancy clothing.  If you would like to be a booth volunteer, call Communications Director Carolyn Faught 231-256-9665 or e-mail her at cfaught@leelanauconservancy.org.

Event Helpers

Pour wine, put up posters, help set up tables, clean up, serve food, you name it, we need help with it! Call Gayle: 231-256-9665 or e-mail: gayle@leelanauconservancy.org.

Pontoon Boat Drivers

If you own a pontoon boat or have access to one, we often take members out on educational trips on our inland lakes.  These outings usually happen in the summer months.  Call Gayle: 231-256-9665 or e-mail: gayle@leelanauconservancy.org.

March in a Parade

Carry a sign and march in the Leland or Glen Arbor 4th of July parade.  Call Carolyn 231-256-9665 or e-mail: cfaught@leelanauconservancy.org.

Water Quality Sampling

If you are interested in helping us gather important water quality data on various Leelanau County streams from Spring to Fall, please call or email Yarrow Brown.  Email: ybrown@leelanauconservancy.org.  We sample in teams of two and training will be held in April each year.

Link Us To Your Website

If you have a website, please put a link to our site on yours and help us spread our message.  Just link to leelanauconservancy.org.