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Submitted by Michael Collier on 7/14/17

Regular contributor Michael Collier relates this story about his dog and the beauty of living in a place where a dog can be a dog:

“When our dog Lucy first was first introduced to the “mighty waters” of Lake Michigan at about six months of age she ran away from the breaking waves and frothy surf.

But then, I pulled a tennis ball from my pocket and her eyes became laser beams attached to the ball which I tossed out into the lake. She without hesitation targeted the ball and did what Labrador Retrievers do…. fetched the ball. It has been the same ever since.

She is now four years of age and the photos below illustrate this dog’s telos and what I conceptualize and analogize as a joy rarely perceived by us humans. But who knows what a dog thinks or “feels” we can only anthropomorphize that look in her eyes “ speaking”; throw that stick; throw that stick, again, and agin, and again, with a perpetual wagging tail.

I wonder what that experience is, of a dog fetching, that I can never experience but wish I could; and think I can… just a little, but can’t put into words.

Photos taken north of Empire Beach…”

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