Judy Hoeffler


As a docent with the Leelanau Conservancy, I venture into this “land of delight” and the Conservancy properties with a sense of excitement and awe. The quiet beauty of the Houdek Dunes whispers the environmental history of Leelanau; the raw, untouched Belanger Creek Preserve cries out for the hiker willing to move from the beaten path; and the Kehl Lake Natural Area offers a moment in time in which we leave life’s problems behind and savor the gifts of nature surrounding us. A venture into the Lighthouse West Natural Area provides a drama over the ridge that brings the wonders of nature to a loud crescendo. The enchantment of the Conservancy’s splendid holdings is that nature speaks to its visitors in differing voices; it rejuvenates the soul. For me, Leelanau is a marvelous new experience, far from my long-tread paths of non-profit leadership, lecturing and speech writing in the Detroit and Columbus, Ohio, markets. Here we rejoice in the crispness of footsteps in quiet woodlands, in amongst the trillium, the falling leaves or the crunching snow. Won’t you join us?