Betsy LePoidevin

Director of Charitable Giving

Betsy LePoidevin is the Leelanau Conservancy’s new Director of Charitable giving. Betsy has more than a decade of fundraising and leadership experience, most recently with The Nature Conservancy in Missouri as their Director of Philanthropy. She has helped raise millions dollars for conservation in Missouri and around the globe. Other key accomplishments included embarking on a new relationship with the St. Louis public broadcasting television station, scheduled to last at least 3 years, which promotes freshwater conservation in the St. Louis region and beyond.  She also is particularly proud of being a part of bringing bison back to Dunn Ranch Prairie Preserve.

While Betsy has been visiting Leelanau County since she was a child, her husband and three children were able to visit every summer for the past 10 years.  Currently, she is staying in a family cabin in Cedar, but she and her family look forward to putting down roots of their own soon.  It is a joy for her to be able to be within walking distance of places she helps protect.

Betsy has a bachelor’s degree in biology, from Principia College and a master’s degree in media communications, from Webster University, giving her a unique understanding of conservation issues and the importance of sharing the story of our natural world. She is passionate about protecting our resources for future generations and spending time in the woods hiking with her Labrador retrievers.