Barb VonVoigtlander — Director

Barb and her husband, Phil, live in Northport. Barb attended MSU and holds a BA in Psychology and Anthropology. Her early work was also at the university, in the MSU library and as a lab technician in the Pharmacology department where Phil was pursuing a PhD. In Neuropsychopharmacology. Barb and Phil settled in Plainwell, Michigan where they lived for over 25 years, with Barb busy with supporting husband and children in the home. During those years Barb became active as a volunteer, believing that when you live in a place you need to give something back, serving on the school board. When she and Phil decided to retire in the Leelanau peninsula, where they had vacationed for over 30 years, Northport seemed like a perfect fit. Barb loves her “walkable” village all within two blocks of her home. Retirement didn’t mean not continuing to feel that she should give some service to the community however. She is a Master Gardener and helps to plant flower beds around Northport. She serves as a trustee on the Northport Village Council, as Secretary for the Northport/Leelanau Township Utilities Authority and the Northport Village Planning Commission.