Leelanau Preservers: A Gift That Lasts Forever

When you give a gift through the Leelanau Conservancy Preservers Program, you can preserve land in a child’s name, and instill in them at an early age that they have a stake in what Leelanau is to become. You can also give a gift to friends or family who live far away, but have Leelanau in their hearts. Or, preserve land in your own name. As a result of your contribution, your gift recipient becomes a “Leelanau Preserver.” Over the years, we’ll keep track of the total acres that have been preserved in their name. We’ll send a beautiful card acknowledging your gift. Remember, giving to the land fund isn’t just limited to the holidays. You can begin or add to a loved one’s acreage any time a special occasion arises. Together, we can preserve the best of Leelanau. One hundred percent of your donation is directed to our Land Protection Fund. Leelanau Preserver givers and their recipients also receive our newsletters, a car decal and E-News with breaking conservation news and hike, event and volunteer opportunities.

Milestone Recognition Tiles Installed!

Many Conservancy supporters have been buying Preserver gifts since the program’s inception in 2002 and we’ve kept track of each person’s accumulated acreage. When they reach the 1/10 acre milestone ($500) a beautiful personalized hand-made tile is mounted on our Preservers Circle in the Leland Village Green. Suttons Bay tile artisan Leif Sporck (pictured) installed over 300 tiles of those who have reached milestones from 1/10 acre up to 3+ acres! Please note: for wall design and practical reasons, tiles are randomly assigned and may not be chosen. Collectively, they make for a beautiful and meaningful display. Name plate characters are limited to 21. Stop by the Village Green and check out this beautiful work. Until the circle is filled up, we’ll continue to recognize new acreage milestones. A new tile will be mounted every time someone reaches 1/10 acre, 1/4 acre, 1/2 acre, 1 acre and each additional acre (Tiles are mounted in June and September.)

Something Special for “Conservancy Kids”

When you give a Preserver gift to a child, along with a scenic card and certificate, they also receive an age-appropriate nature activity book. With your Leelanau Preserver gift, you’ll be cultivating nature appreciation in the child who is special in your life.

Click here to give a Leelanau Preservers Gift.